Comedian Chonda Pierce: A Southern Woman In Comedy

Chonda Pierce is a Covington, Kentucky-born comedian who's best known for keeping her standup clean and incredibly Southern. "There's a culture in the South, especially since I've been in the South all my life, where Southern women want to be ladies." In the comedy world, as Chonda says, "it's not always easy to be a lady." Billed as the Queen of Clean Comedy, Chonda has learned how to navigate an incredibly tricky, often dirty industry by sticking to her Southern values. "Sometimes the dirtiest ones are the women." She also jokes, "Plus, I remember the taste of Ivory Soap – that's another thing you learn in the South. You never forget that!" Join Chonda as she talks about her personal faith, how growing up in the Bible Belt has affected her stand-up, and how she's upholding the standard for being a strong, Southern woman in both the comedy industry and in her own home.


[MUSIC] Let's be honest, there is just a culture in the south, especially I've been in the south all my life where southern women, we want to be a lady. And in the comedy world, we're not always, it's not always easy to be a lady. That sometimes if you've ever been to a comedy club and the night gets later that the words get dirtier. And sometimes some of the dirtiest ones are the women. Now I, as my mom would say they're walking a novel life. I have a personal faith that does not Lend itself to just coming up and saying whatever pops into your mouth. Secondly, I grew up in the bible belt, I don't even know some of those words. Some of them, I had to go home and look them up. And so, I'm also saying this to be non-judgemental for any women out there that are doing comedy and they cuss like a sailor. I don't care. Whatever your faith, whoever your god is, that is between you and them. But as for me and my house, I wanna represent my faith in the right way. So therefore, I don't cuss, plus I remember the taste of Ivory soap. That's another thing you learn in the South. [LAUGH] And so, you never forget that. [MUSIC]
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