Comedian Chonda Pierce: The Queen Of Clean

Chonda Pierce is a Covington, Kentucky-born comedian who's best known for keeping her standup clean and incredibly Southern. "There comes a time in your life when you've gotten spanked so often for being the class clown that it's kinda nice to get paid for it," Chonda laughed. "Now I've gotten a relaxed tongue as I've gotten older, and I'll say 'shoot' or 'shucks'. If I get really mad, I'll go 'Dadgummit!' Those are all my cuss words." So, how does Chonda keep her comedy act funny and appealing to audiences and still stay true to her values? According to Chonda, she grew up in a world that didn't have the words that we hear a lot now – and she's okay with that. And, she still keeps that standard in her own house with her son. "I sound just like my mother!" Join Chonda as she talks about her success in the comedy industry and how she's kept it clean through the years.


[MUSIC] Well there comes a time in your life when you got spanked so often for being the class clown that it's kind of nice to get paid for it. [LAUGH] One time you know I told my son, he had a Facebook when it first came along he's about 17 he had Facebook page he's so excited about it and. And I tried to get on one night, just to see what he was up to. How he's talking to his friends. What was it to the Lord? [LAUGH] He had blocked me. [LAUGH] Now I've gotten little relaxed tongue as I've gotten older. And I'll say shoot or shucks. If I get really mad, I'll go, you know, gad gummit. And so those are all my cuss words. How do you block your mother? The one who pushed you through the womb, who cried and screamed to bring you into this world and was there for your every bump and bruise, and you blocked me? He said, it's those very statements like that that you used to put on my Facebook is the reason that I- [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] I just grew up in a world that didn't have the words that you hear a lot, now and I'm okay with that. I'm blessed, and I still keep that standard in my house. Sometimes I'll hear my son get so mad at a video game and something will come flying outta his mouth. And I go knock on his door and I go I don't think so not in this house and I realize I sound just like my mother. He said I think I need my own privacy, I deserve my own privacy, even the government says I should have my own privacy. I want my own Facebook. And I said if your face is in my house, I'm going to be on your book. [SOUND] When I see a comedian, whether a female or a male, and the words that roll out of their mouth are shocking enough to get a laugh, I feel a little cheated because that's an easy route. What I want to do is I always say write down your favorite comedy bit. If you take a black magic marker and mark out all the dirty words and what's left is a really funny story, then I want to go to that person and go, now why in the world did you have to use all that nasty talk cuz this was a funny story. Believe in yourself, child. Or the opposite is true many times. If you mark out all the dirty words what's left really wasn't that Great story, It really wasn't that funny a joke. The punch line was in the wrong place. And so, you wanna go, man you're just relying on the easy route. And I am such a fan of this art, that I hate that sometimes. I wanna see young people working hard at this cuz for 25 years I have. And I have kept it clean. I've kept it Southern. I've been true to myself. I haven't betrayed the art by selling out for my faith. I have been me, and still I think all age groups can enjoy what it is I have to say. [MUSIC]
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