Willie Nelson On Eggs, Martial Arts & Living A Life Without Worry

Southern music legend Willie Nelson has been around through decades of music, yet he's still selling out shows all around the world to all ages. There's a reason that he's transcended generations of music fans. Other than his distinctive and classic "outlaw country" sound, 83-year-old Willie has an incredibly hopeful attitude towards life that sets him apart. He's a very positive, eclectic soul with an affinity for martial arts and a love of breakfast foods. We sat down with the Texas-born icon on his tour bus in Mississippi to talk about living without worry, the rules he lives by, and why he loves music so passionately. There's a lot more to this Highwayman than meets the eye.


If I'd have done all the things I was supposed to have done, I'd be really tired. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I had a lung collapse one time and I went to the hospital. While I was laying there I decided I'd cut my braids off. So I took a scissors and cut them, just left them laying there. Mark [INAUDIBLE] come in to see me. He said how you doing? He said well, I don't know. I think this medicine might be having a bad effect on me and I pulled. He freaked out. You remember that? Shut up. [LAUGH] Chicken fried steak. Love that fried chicken, you know, all that good stuff. Yeah. Biscuits and gravy, I try to eat pretty sensible. Actually if you want the truth, about all I eat is oatmeal in the morning and bacon and eggs in the evening and, that's about it. I don't think you could fix them any way where I wouldn't Like them you know. I eat them raw, [LAUGH] However you got them. But soft scrambled, scrambled, is good. I have this kind of philosophy, that I can't do anything about what happened yesterday, or what's gonna happen tomorrow, but I feel like I'm in full control of what's going on now. I think worry will make you sick. I've never seen it accomplish anything. I've never seen worrying about anything change it. So I decided not to do it. You can't do anything about it, why the hell worry about it? Every negative thought you have releases poison into your system and will kill you or give you cancer or tumors or whatever else you can think of. So if you're thinking negative about anything Erase that. Martial Arts I recommend it highly to everyone because it's good for you mentally, spiritually, physically and every other way. I haven't learned to stop bullets yet but, [LAUGH]. I'd like to make it to 2018. [LAUGH] If that's possible. And then we'll figure out something else. [MUSIC] Well I love to play music, it's what I can do better than working. [LAUGH] And, I've tried that working part, and music is a little easier for me Like Harlin Howard said one time about country songs, it's three chords and the truth and I seem to be able to put my feelings down in a song easier than I can talk about it. I play me better than anybody. [MUSIC] You know, we're all gonna die. So, we all have to say, okay, I may be next. You may be next. Who knows. There's not a lot we can do about it. I don't think. If you've heard of anything let me know.
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