See Where 5 Stars Were Before They Were Famous

From couches to vans, some of our biggest Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy winnings stars started from very humble beginnings. Mega stars like New Orleans-born Tyler Perry and Chris Pratt lived in cars before they made it big. Before Florida-born Chrissy Metz was Kate on the NBC hit This is Us, she had $.081 in her bank account. At the age of 21, Halle Berry lived in a homeless shelter when she began pursuing her dreams to become an actress. All of these rags-to-riches stories prove that anything is possible when you have a dream. Some of us may never live like the rich and famous, but we can surely learn from them to trust ourselves and to never give up like these stars did. Find out what other celebrities Coinage names to have lived on the lowest of means before becoming our favorite celebs, and the next time we see them on the big screen or the red carpet we will know what took for them to be who they are today.


Coinage, life well spent, presented by GEICO. Tales of the rich and famous don't always begin at million dollar mansions and sweeping estates. Some actually started off in a whole lot less in the lap of luxury. Here are six of the world's greatest stars who roughed it out before raking it in. Chrissy Metz survived through auditions on zero savings and unemployment checks When she was cast as Kate in the breakout NBC hit, This is Us, she had only $0.81 in her bank account, I see a lot more change in her future. This X-Men star has the ability to control the weather as Storm in the mega hit franchise, but in reality, she didn't always have so much control over her living situation. At only 21, Halle Barry found herself living in a homeless shelter when she moved away from home to become an actress [MUSIC] Jim Carrey might have been known as [UNKNOWN] but many of his fans may not know that he lived with his family in a Volkswagen van and in a tent on his older sister's land, all after his dad lost his job. Before Jennifer Lopez was a Jenny on the block she was Jenny on the couch. After JLo and her mother. Mom clashed over her dreams of becoming a dancer, she ended up homeless and started sleeping in the sofa in her dance studio. You may know him as Madea, but before Tyler Perry got extraordinary success, he found himself living in his car and at random hotels, on and off for six years, after spending all of his savings. [NOISE] This Jurassic world star has come a long way before he started playing with dinos and guarding our galaxy. Chris Pratt was once homeless in Hawaii, living out of a van and working at Bubba Gump Shrimp where directors discovered him and changed his life forever. [MUSIC] Coinage, life well spent. Presented by GEICO.
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