Reese's Southern Social Struggles

If Siri can't understand your thick Southern accent, then you'll want to keep watching. One of our favorite belles, Reese Witherspoon, took on all the struggles of being a Southern woman on social media – and it's one of the most relatable (and endearing!) things that we've ever seen. We've all been there, Reese. The snap filters make our hair look flat, our "fixin'" gets autocorrected, and, for Pete's sake, why is there no flaky biscuit emoji? Join the queen of Draper James as she works through the modern woman's woes.


Reese, we need you on set. Okay. Will you guys tell him I'll be right there? I just have to do a little social media. Mm-hm. Okay, thanks. I'm fixin' to go to set, no fixin'. Dear Apple, when I say I'm fixin' to go somewhere, I don't mean fixing. I mean fixin', with no G. Aunt Sally was driving down the road over there in Nolensville And she saw this three legged dog, so. Shoot it cut me off! Fried chicken, fried chicken, grits. A kitten eating fried chicken, that's cute! Ewwww now why would anyone want to do this to their face? When I say y'all, I don't mean fall or ball or hall or mall, I mean [UNKNOWN] Y'all. Dear Apple, why can't Siri understand my accent? Where's the biscuit emoji? And the plural of y'all is all y'all. My hair is not big enough. Social media's hard, y'all. And I didn't even finish my story about the dog. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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