Rascal Flatts' Christmas Traditions

In honor of this country trio's new Christmas album The Greatest Gift Of All, we sat down with Rascal Flatts to ask a few quick questions on their favorite holiday things. Can you guess which band member is most likely to get coal in their stocking? Or, whether they'd choose to watch Elf or A Charlie Brown Christmas?


[MUSIC] Egg nog. Egg nog. Egg nog. White Christmas. I'm dreaming, doesn't say, I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas. Turkey. Yep. Turkey. [LAUGH] Elf is amazing. Elf. Yeah, Elf. Elf on the Shelf. Will Farrell. Will Farrell. [LAUGH] Elf yeah. [INAUDIBLE] Figures, sugar. Yeah. Sugar, all day. Dairy. Have you done it for your kids? No. No but you would this year? Most likely, well Jay, Gary. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [SOUND] Jay Gary dressed as Santa putting coal in Jake's stocking. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] as Santa. [LAUGH] Before we separate we usually carve a Christmas pumpkin together. We write down different ideas on pieces of paper and put them in a hat and Okay, close his eyes, okay, we try to change it up. When the tour starts the next year, we then take that pumpkin and smash it as a christening for the new tour. Mm-hm. [MUSIC]
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