Kellie Pickler On Selma Drye, Criticism, and Being Raised By Strong Women

As part of our Nashville Now weekend, we sat down with North Carolina-born country singer and CMT star Kellie Pickler to celebrate her new line of home goods with Opry Originals. Selma Drye, which is the first artist-curated merchandise collection, was inspired by Pickler's great grandmother. The collection brings Southern warmth and style to a home, with pieces like scalloped tea cups, metal ornaments, cake stands, and casserole dishes.


I don't know what's being said now. But back when I was on Idol, I remember hearing that my whole story was a lie that we made up, for the show, for ratings. And I thought hm, I wish it were. [LAUGH] But it's not. [MUSIC] I am strong, I I have my moments of weakness as well. Integrity, grace, and I try to become, I don't know, I just try to be the best version of myself that I can be. [MUSIC]. I was just blessed to have strong women in my life. And they really helped me to become a strong woman as well. And I could only hope to follow on half their footsteps. [MUSIC] Selma Drye is inspired by Selma Drye, that's my great Grandmother. And she was a spitfire pistol everywhere Woman. She was a country girl and she didn't have a lot. But she made the best with what she had and this line is inspired by her. She actually lived right in front of us in this tiny little trailer. It was red and white, tan trailer. And every day, coming home from school, I'd jump off the school bus, and she'd swing that trailer door open, and I'd run to her trailer first, and she'd have oatmeal cookies, and we would eat and talk and laugh, and I just loved, I don't know, just soaking up her wisdom. And this line is inspired by her and things that we have in our own home. I think that surrounding yourself in good company makes all the difference in the world. You know we live in America, we are so blessed and there's just I don't know I feel like here happiness is a choice. It's up to you so if you are not happy, why are you not happy? And realize that it only takes one week to take over a whole garden so pluck out the weeds and be happy. Have fun, celebrate, life's so short. Be blessed. If it's constructive criticism, then it's a good thing and you go home and you work on that and. and apply it and hope that you're better the next time around. But then there's just [BLEEP] holes, and life's so short. Just surround yourself in good company, and you just cannot let negative or toxic People or things drag you down. [MUSIC]
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