Watch Garth Brooks Get A Sweet Birthday Surprise From Trisha Yearwood

Studio G
In honor of this country legend's February 7 birthday, his wife brought a sweet treat into the studio.

Happy 55th birthday, Garth Brooks!

On last night’s episode of "Inside Studio G: A Monday Night Conversation,” Garth Brooks was surprised on set with one of our all-time favorite birthday treats: German Chocolate Cake. This recipe, made with rich German chocolate cake covered in a decadent coconut frosting, is Garth Brooks' favorite. His wife–country star, cookbook author, and Food Network host Trisha Yearwood–bakes one for him every year on his birthday. "Nobody can bake or cook like [Trisha] does... I just love her to death." He joked that some years, if he gets really lucky, she'll bake him a carrot cake on top of that. Grammy Award-winning Trisha also serenaded him with a cute rendition of Happy Birthday (and, a birthday kiss). We wouldn't turn down one of Trisha Yearwood's incredible cakes!

Once again, this Southern singin' duo is our birthday #CoupleGoals.

Watch the darling exchange between one of our favorite country music couples.

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