Dolly Parton's Thoughts On Life

We love this blonde Southern icon for her charm, spirit, and style–but above all, we love that she's about as genuine and warm-hearted as they come. Dolly Parton may have a long history in her over-five-decade-long career, but that's not slowing the country music legend down. The star just recently released her album Pure and Simple and new children's book Coat of Many Colors, and she's got a Christmas movie on the way. We sat down with the star to talk about her recent vow renewal with her husband of fifty years, her upcoming projects, holiday memories, and what family means to her.


I've done something good. I've done plenty bad, I'm sure. But I just hope that I'll be remembered well. [MUSIC] When I first saw her, being just a real country little kid, but always loving color and always wanting to be more than what I was. Always wanting to have Fancy clothes and to look pretty ans so she just had everything that was appealing to me at the time. She had all this yellow hair piled on top of her head. Red lipstick. Her eyes were all painted up and her clothes all tight and flashy and I just thought she as the prettiest thing I'd ever seen and I make jokes about it all the time. When everybody said, she's just trash and I thought that's what I'm gonna Be what I grow up is trash. I thought that was just about the way you look. [MUSIC] Momma was very outgoing. I'm very much like Momma, very verbal and just present myself however. You just take me or leave me, you like me or not. But mama just always had that way about her, being who she was. That old saying of, to thine own self be true, she tried to do that with all of us. She just said, be your own self, don't try to be what somebody else wants you to be, you just listen to your heart, you listen to what God tells you to do, and listen to me as much as you will. But be yourself and so I think that that's fine with me more than anything is to be true to myself and follow my own heart. Mama's people were very musical. We got that naturally so I don't know that I was any more special than anybody else. I just took it more serious at times than any of the others did. I never got sidetracked. I have a My sister and two brothers older, and eight kids younger. So I was in that little spot to where the only attention I was gonna get is what I got for myself. So I started noticing right away that people were paying attention to me playing. When people would come around and she'd say, sing that song to them. You gotta here this little song she wrote. So I noticed that I was I was getting tension with my music but I loved it and I just never, never let up. [MUSIC] We just thought 50 years is a long time. And we were real proud of ourselves being married that long, especially in this business. And we'd just thought it'd be a sweet thing to do. I'd always wanted to have a beautiful wedding gown and a veil. That I never got to do the first time. My mom had made me a little white dress and put together a little white bible with a little bouquet. It went with us when we got married in 66. We thought well, we'll just do it and dress us and I can have my beautiful dress and my beautiful wedding album. So we just did the whole bit in a little chapel. On our place, which is a sweet thing to do and we went that night to Rangle Georgia, spent the night and had our honeymoon there and we came back to the lake and had a few days off. [MUSIC] Why don't we. To have carry anything to remind me. I carry my accent, I carry my memories, I carry just that old country girl, that's really my real self. I look artificial, but I like to think I'm a real home loving person, family loving person. My memories keep me anchored, and I love my family. I think everybody should They should be proud of where they're from. You should never be ashamed of your family, or your religion, how you're brought up. Incorporate all those things into weaving a wonderful basket that you can carry the world in, if you have to. I grew up with a bunch of strong southern women. They really kept the families going. Actually, the women in our family, So I really am just proud to be a good ol southern gal and when I do my work sometimes when I'm cookin I just think i'm just an old country woman and I really am in my sprint and in my heart because I see so much of my family, my aunts and my grandmas and moms in the things that I do and I love that I just embrace that. [MUSIC] I always pray that God will let me touch people. To let me say something to uplift people, and to be a bright spot, and to let me glorify him, and to really have a good time myself. You know, somebody asked me what my ritual was and I said, well I pray and pee. Go to work. [LAUGH] It's what I do. [MUSIC] That's one of the things I'm proudest of is the work I do with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. We had two big hit records, and so they remastered, and we worked those two albums and we had like 20 Songs left in the can. So now we've put that all together. And so it's called The Complete Trio Collection. And I'm really, really proud that that's gonna finally come out. So that's everything we've ever done. So there's nothing else left in the can. Well, I'm very excited about Pure and Simple. I wrote And arranged and produced it. I had help with my guys, [UNKNOWN] and Kent Wells, they all pitched in to help me. Whatever they needed to. But I wrote all the songs, it was a good year for that cuz I was married 50 years this year and I thought well it'd be a good time to do a love album. And so I'm really proud of that, it's been a long time since I've had a number one album in the charts so It always feels good to be number one. Especially at this age, to still be in the game. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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