Why Chip & Joanna Gaines Will Always Choose Family Over Fame

Known best as the stars of HGTV's Fixer Upper, Texas-based Chip and Joanna Gaines have created a home improvement empire with their show, their newly opened Magnolia Market, and upcoming magazine. The parents of four sat down with our friends at People to talk about why they'll always put their family above fame.


With this show, this is something that Chip and I chose to do. But I think with our kids, they're still so young that we really want them to have just a really, as normal as possible, just their upbringing. We wanna give them a chance to just be normal kids. [MUSIC] And so navigating around that, trying to really cover them in certain areas. And just make sure that they don't know everything as far as all that's out there. I mean I think one thing helps, we don't have a tv. They don't know that we really even have a show kind of. They don't really get it. We realized really quickly in this process that. We're gonna make it, our kids are gonna make it. Then if this thing continues to be successful, then of course we're thankful for that and excited about it. But if this thing got so successful that it compromised our ability to be a healthy functioning married couple or our kids start to get a little bit out of whack and felt like they were a little bit off-track, we'd quit this thing In a heartbeat, we wouldn't think twice. I think we always knew we wanted a family. I think four, four surprised us. [LAUGH] Four surprised us. I think we like surprises. Joke out of it. Yeah even now there's no. After two we were both like you know I think we should start wrapping it up here. Why not? You're pregnant. Well, hey, three is that's great. No. I mean, who doesn't like three? Plus, you always say something about odds help the [UNKNOWN]. That's the thing. Well, I've always wanted another child, but I like even numbers. So, if I have another child, I'm gonna need. And need another one. So that's why I'm kind of taking a little bit of a break. I'm OCD about my children. It's gotta be an even number. So four, I'm good with four. So maybe twins? Chip is saying no more. I'm like, hey, I'm open to it. We're both available to have children if necessary. Yes, so you never know. But I kinda look at life as [MUSIC] The more the better as far, even just with what we've taken on with our projects, we just like a full plate, that's how Chip and I operate, we like, we're high capacity in so even at home if I were to find out I was pregnant again I'd be excited. [MUSIC]
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