Chip and Joanna Gaines Reveal "We Were Broke!" Before Fixer Upper

Texas-based power couple Chip and Joanna Gaines are best known for their show Fixer Upper on HGTV, as well as for their family values and newly opened Magnolia Market. But, when the two lovebirds sat down with our friends at People, they revealed that the journey has not always been an easy one.


What's next for the Gaines family? Ooh. I joke with my buddies, it's world domination. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I remember when we were first married, the only money that we had was what was in Chip's pocket. He had this wad of cash And so if I needed to go grocery shopping, if I needed to just go find a new shirt. It's whatever was in his pocket. We pretended like we were rich, so that my dad would be real proud, but we were broke. Her dad spent the first two years of our marriage asking me if I was gonna get a job. [LAUGH] And I was like I've got [UNKNOWN] Job. I really like my job. True story. I flip houses. I've got some rental properties. I do some construction. That's a job. It's full time deal. [MUSIC] For me, the first time I realized that something had happened, something had changed in our lives, we were in New York City And somebody recognized me. Fun, thank you guys. She went on and on, " my goodness, we watch your show, we love your show" and I was just like, unbelievable, and it kinda started all coming together like wow. I mean, things are different << Come on And we almost, it took about a six month period for us to kind of step back and go is this the life we want to lead, is this who we want to be. [MUSIC] I think Jo and I like to roll the dice, honestly. And so the cooler things get from our perspective, the more we like to invest. And so, we're building hopefully big relevant long-term sustainable ideas and businesses and concepts and partnership. It never feels really like you're okay. You know, you kinda look around. You like, "Okay, I got this farm." Got these gorgeous four babies. But wow, do we really need to buy this? I remember when Jo brought us to the silos and I was looking at this thing going, hey what, no. We can't do that. There's no way we can do that but here we are and people come to it and enjoy the facility. And looking back you're like, it was the biggest no brainer in the world. Today. But two years ago and going and borrowing that money, Scary. That was a scary, scary proposition. And I feel like we always push each other like that. And when you think about it and you really break it down, all the greats had to do that. We certainly like to continue to challenge ourselves and push our chips in when we have the opportunity to.
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