How a Mom of Four Built Her House With Help From YouTube Videos

When Arkansas-based Cara Brookins escaped her abusive marriage, she couldn't afford the home of her dreams for herself and her four kids. With a resilient spirit, a "mile-wide stubborn streak," and the help of YouTube, this mom pulled off the ultimate DIY project – she built the house herself. Check out this heartwarming story from our friends at Real Simple.


They built their home from the ground up using YouTube tutorials. [MUSIC] Purchasing a home was financially impossible, but that didn't stop Cara Brookins from giving each of her children their own rooms. And we just had the idea, well, what if we build one. We can afford to buy all the supplies, so we could just put it together ourselves. With no prior knowledge, they used YouTube. [MUSIC] I've learned that I can do anything. Do something big, take a big leap and just set an impossible goal. And with enough determination, you can do it. [MUSIC]
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