If you thought online shopping was already easy, wait until you learn about these browser tricks. You can buy just about anything online these days, and in most cases online purchases can save consumers money and time. With just a few clicks, these easy browser tricks will save you tons of cash without you doing any extra work. Internet plug-ins such as Honey will automatically find the best coupon codes on the Internet and apply them to your purchases. With InvisibleHand, compare prices from other sites before clicking the "Buy!" button. Rejoice, busy moms, shopaholics, and those who would rather do all their shopping from the comfort of their own home rather than stand in long lines at the store. Use around the holidays, or use all year-round if you're a frequent online shopper. Long gone are the days of clipping coupons and price matching ads in the weekly circular– the Coinage team gives us a few tips and tricks on the best ways to save money and time when online shopping.

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