Our Five Favorite Southern Movies

It was incredibly hard to narrow down the list, but we think that these five Southern-based movies are the best of the best. From the heart-wrenching Steel Magnolias to the iconic Forrest Gump, you'll want to take a weekend to experience the beauty of these films.


I do not see plays because I can nap at home for free, and I don't see movies because they're trash and they got nothing but naked people in them. [MUSIC] I am pleasant! Damn it, I just saw Drum Eatenton at the Piggly Wiggly and I smiled at the son of a- [SOUND] [MUSIC] Tomorrow is another day. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Run Forrest, run. Run Forrest Forest.>> Come back here you. [MUSIC] [NOISE] Until you do right by me, everything you think about is gonna crumble. [MUSIC] There's a lot of ugly things in this world son, I wish I can keep them all away from you [MUSIC] That's never possible. [MUSIC]
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