Located in the heart of Greenville, Mississippi, Doe’s Eat Place is a family owned restaurant where locals go to enjoy some good ol’ Southern cooking. Let’s be honest–it would be hard to improve on a place that has hot tamales, fried shrimp, filet mignon, garlic bread, and homemade chili on the menu, but with Aunt Flo welcoming costumers at the front door, this restaurant is truly a home away from home. 91-year-old Florence Signa, otherwise known as Aunt Flo, first began her journey at Doe’s Eat Place when she was a young girl. While working at a furniture store, Aunt Flo met the man who would eventually become her husband, and, after dating awhile, a potato-frying shortage occurred. Because her date worked at Doe’s Eat Place, Aunt Flo offered to lend a hand, and the rest is history.

The work Aunt Flo does at the 1941 established restaurant is similar to the job of a utility player on a sports team; she’s there to help out with whatever task needs to be completed, and the staff at Doe’s is stronger with Aunt Flo’s hospitality and friendly personality. “When they walk through that door, I want them to feel welcome," she says. "I’m everybody’s aunt who comes into this restaurant.”

Doe’s Eat Place is an oasis where the community comes together and meaningful connections are made. Aunt Flo’s goal? She wants the customers to feel like family and enjoy the food and fellowship so much that they can’t wait to tell everybody.

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