6 Southern Gems Keeping The Drive-In Theatre Alive

There are few date traditions better than the classic drive-in movie theatre. Originating in Texas in the early 20s, drive-ins have seen the movement of silent films to sound, painted white walls to screens, and Ford Model T’s to Mustang convertibles. Here are some drive-in movie theatre spots around the South that are keeping the romance alive.

  1. Hull’s Drive-In Lexington, Virginia Hull’s Drive-In is a non-profit theatre dedicated to preserving the drive-in’s history and charm. Originally built in 1950, Hull’s shows newer movie options and offers double features every night.
  1. Hi-Way 50 Lewisburg, Tennessee When Hi-Way 50 closed in the 2013 season, the Wakham family stepped in and revamped the local community spot with extensive remodeling. In addition to showing the latest films, the drive-in also hosts kid-friendly events like “Royal Ball At the Drive-In” and offers mobile ordering for concessions.
  1. Starlight Drive-In Theatre Atlanta, Georgia A historic Atlanta landmark, the Starlight Drive-In is one of Georgia’s well-known hot spots. First opening in 1949, the art-deco style theatre is home to four screens – all showing double features from Friday to Tuesday. In addition to a wide movie selection, Starlight hosts the “Swap Meet” flea market on weekends and the famed “Drive Invasion” – a three-day live music, camping, and movie bonanza.
  1. Continental Cinemas Wicksburg, Alabama This family-owned company has a four-screen drive-in theatre with a goal to provide affordable, high-quality entertainment. Celebrating the nostalgia of drive-in traditions, Continental shows all the latest hits and is open Wednesday through Sunday all summer.
  1. Highway 21 Drive-In Beaufort, South Carolina For an extensive concession stand menu and a great deal on double features, check out Highway 21! Open nightly all year round, this characterful date destination mixes box office hits with old-fashioned entertainment, and offers military/senior discounts.
  1. Chief Drive-In Theatre Chickasha, Oklahoma Not only does Chief Drive-In offer nightly movie viewings, but this hub of family fun also features pre-film mini-golfing – making it the ultimate location for date night. One of the last drive-ins in Oklahoma, this historic spot has been lighting up Chickasha since 1949.

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