Make An Indian Corn Badge

Photo: Hector Sanchez
Give your doors and windows a seasonal upgrade with a series of hanging Indian Corn Badges.  

The Big Idea: Ribbons of burlap create a rustic background for iconic fall plants that are bundled into sheaves to form decorative accents.

The Materials: Ears of store-bought Indian corn, bunches of goldenrod and safflower blooms, and dried flowers and seedpods, which you can gather from your yard

The Details: Hang lengths of 3-inch-wide burlap ribbon from the top of each door using tacks, letting the ribbon go about three-fourths of the way down your door. Attach the corn bundle to the burlap ribbon using florist wire, allowing the dried corn shucks to fan out at the top. Hide the wire with a knot of burlap ribbon. Cut flower stems 8 to 10 inches long and push the goldenrod stems into the string that ties the bunch of corn together. Embellish with dried flowers and seedpods using the same method.

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