Southern Living on the Red Carpet

Join Southern Living editor Kim Whitman on the 2012 CMT Awards' Red Carpet as she talks to some of country music's biggest stars.


Hi, I'm Kimberly Whitman, from Southern Living. We're here in Nashville Tennessee, and here are a few of our favorite moments from the CMT Music Awards. [MUSIC] Southern Living. Doing it the southern way! The only way we know how! Could you believe we're not nominated? I love your magazine. Knew it, I got, I actually not have to but my wife always gets it so I'm in a plane I end up after my. The greatest recipes I love it. Can we talk southern food for a minute? I love casseroles, I love green bean casseroles, and I love green beans, cuz it's got a little brown sugar on it. I could, I could like eat the whole thing. My favorite southern dish. Macaroni and cheese with bacon in it. Oh, yum. Oh, it's so good. Bread crumbs on top. Little green onion. Delicious. As you can probably tell, my favorite thing about living south is the food. The cooking. What is it, what is your favorite southern dish? I would eat it every single day. Tell her, tell her. Fried chicken. Fried chicken. I love it. I don't think you're alone. Oh, fried chicken, are you kidding me? Oh, good night. I used to get chicken and dumplings. And then mom would make mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn. Like we had way too much food but, And I'd like to stack all the that together. My mom makes the most amazing sweet potato casserole. It will never not be eaten by me. If it is sitting there, I will have a bite. If it is breakfast time I'll eat it. If it's lunch, snack, dinner, whatever, but my mom's sweet potato casserole. My mother always told me to marry your best friend. Aww. And that's what I did. Yeah, for sure. Right? I believe that too. [LAUGH] What about the best advice your mama ever gave you? Go to college, and I didn't. Oh! You know what the greatest thing, one of the, my favorite things she's always said is God never gives you anything He doesn't intend for you to use, so. That's something that has always stuck with me for a long time, and I try to remember that. The best advice my momma's given me and everybody else says it too, is to just be yourself, don't let anybody change you. Don't let anybody try to change what kind of artist you are, and I think I'll follow it after that. So tell me guys. What's your favorite thing about being a real southern gentleman? Oh, that it's cool to be polite. Like it's good to be a nice guy. And what's your favorite thing about being a southern girl? Southern men. [LAUGH] A southern gentleman always opens the door for a lady. I like it. What is the one item of clothing, accessories, whatever it is that is, a southern gentleman has to have in their wardrobe? Crocodile cowboy boots. Hope you can see those. Cause that's my version of bling. I've, I've got a pair of boots that I've worn for five years. And they been resoled probably like, ten times. So, I don't leave home without 'em, for sure. Okay. What do you think is the one thing that every Southern Bell needs to own? Something with feathers on it. Oh. I think a nice belt. A great belt is a good southern thing. And it's. This is very manly, and it can be feminine as well. But it's, it's important to keep these nice jeans on like it's a. Let's check out your, let's check out your belt. [CROSSTALK] Very nice. 98% of the time I have a hat on, whether it be this hat or a, a, a, a cap. A, eh, you know. The only time I don't have a, hat on is at church. Now that you're living in the south, what is one kind of style difference that you've seen from Australia that sets a southern girl apart that you've seen style wise. The big hair as you can see I've taken a page out of the book tonight and said to do that What's our favorite thing about being in Nashville? Well, this is where we do what we do for a living. So, I mean we're just we're surrounded by country music all the time. What do you all love about being in Nashville? Oh, the live music. It's every bar you go to, every little honky-tonk there's a live band playing somewhere. What's your favorite thing about being in Nashville, you two? I know mine. Say it. It's barbecue. Mine's not bar-b-que. You like the humidity. I love the bar-b-que. Oh and you've got to take and feel like you're being wrapped in a warm blanket. It's so good for the hair right? So good for the hair and the skin. Do you want to sing us out for Southern Living? Thank you for watching Southern Living. We've had a great time on the red carpet tonight, I loved it. Did you have fun Lindsay? I had a great time. We had a great time. We can't wait to come back next year.
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