Easy Holiday Calligraphy Tips

'Tis the season to be addressing your Christmas cards and hosting holiday parties! Sarah Brown of Alabama-based Lovely Lettering Co. is showing us some simple tricks that will take your cards and envelopes to the next level. There's no need to be a professional to impress your friends and family with elegant handwriting!


I'm gonna show you a great way to do some basic calligraphy, even if you've never even touched a calligraphy pen before, And add that extra flair to your holiday envelopes. So what you're gonna need is your envelopes that you're gonna be using, whether that's for your holiday card or whether that is your invitation for whatever party that you have for your work or for your home. And so, instead of grabbing one of those fancy calligraphy pens that you see a lot of people use, we're just gonna use A paint pen, and just do your basic cursive. You can kinda even mix some cursive and prints. Have fun with it. So we've written a name out. Now I'm gonna show you how to make this into a beautiful piece of calligraphy, step by We're gonna take the downstrokes. And what I mean by that is every time that your pen goes down when you're making a letter, that's what you're gonna actually darken in. And that gives it that calligraphy look. And if it's not a perfect line, that's okay. There you have that first and last name. So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna write out the address just in all caps. And I'll kinda keep it small. For the zip code, we're just gonna space it out a little bit. And then we're gonna add a little bit of flourish to the ins of those numbers to give it that fancy feel. Just like those letters. And we'll darken in every place we went down. [MUSIC] And I like to add a little dot in between. And just like that, you have designed a beautiful envelope for the holidays. [MUSIC]
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