Setting a Christmas Table with James Farmer

We went behind the scenes with SL Editor-At-Large James Farmer at his Perry, Georgia cottage to talk about his best tips and tricks for holiday entertaining. Here, we're exploring his festive Christmas table – complete with monogrammed napkins.


I wanna walk y'all through my Christmas table. Using a mix of monograms is one of the perks of being southern. I love to use mine, mama's, and Mimi's. Using the generations at the table is just so special. And it's pretty chic too. There's just something special about being at a table using things that have been passed down from generation to generation. So I love to use napkins and linens with my monogram, maybe a glass or another plate with my mother's, and then I have these wonderful red glasses that were my grandmothers. So you have all kinds of letters at the table, all sorts of heirlooms, but a lot of love represented, too. So this is what my grandmother, my MiMi, taught me on how to set a table Remember that fork and left both have four letters, so put the forks on the left side. Knife and spoon, they've got five letters just like the word right, put them on the right side. Two forks, the smaller fork on the end, the large fork closer to the plate. The knife on the right, the blade always faces the plate. And then the spoon goes on the far right. It's easy. And if you're serving several courses or being served several courses, just start from the outside and work your way in. Y'all just doesn't get any easier than that. So this farmer can do it, I think y'all can too. [MUSIC]
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