Arranging Flowers with James Farmer

We went behind the scenes with SL Editor-At-Large James Farmer at his Perry, Georgia cottage to talk about his best tips and tricks for holiday entertaining. These simple flower arranging ideas will bring your Christmas decor to the next level.


I love sharing secrets and tips to flower arrangements such as this one right here. It's just a collection of roses mixed with some greenery. I've got some magnolia and cypress. But what I did was I started with the greenery. That's my grid, and then we fill in with the flowers. So you cut all the greenery and you arrange it, kind of like a tight little bouffant, inside the jar. And then you fill in with the flowers. The leaves kind of stick out between, but that's your structure. I love the Magnolia with that fuzzy brown back, I touch that Cyprus, it just looks so Chrismastsy and then those rose. And it's also fun to have a twist on color. Instead of red roses, I thought the [UNKNOWN] orange was really great It's very easy, comes together quick. And if you can master this for a small arrangement, the next thing you know, you're gonna be doing flowers at the Met. [MUSIC]
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