5 Holiday Party Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Holiday entertaining is upon us, but that doesn't mean you need to be stressed out in the kitchen pulling things together at the last minute. Join Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin as he shares his best tips for holiday hosting, and demonstrates how having the right tools and appliances can make all the difference.


[MUSIC PLAYING] The holidays are indeed a time for entertaining but throwing a great party is nothing to be stressed over. First things first. The make ahead element of a party is key for success. When you have the thermo to a refrigerator with all the space, multiple shelves, you can make a lot of things ahead. Anything from your egg knock to your cheese balls and have other dubs wrapped up and ready to go. To bring out when your guests arrive. Second, having two ovens is perfect for entertaining. You could have the sweet item going in one, such as a pie. Or a savory item go in the other, such as a turkey. Thermador steam oven eliminates flavor transfer. The steam and convection oven trumps all the other ovens when it comes to texture, appearance, and taste. Multiple dishes can be cooked to perfection at the same time, with no flavor transfer. Third, multitasking is super essential for a seamless party. When you have six star burners like this, you could have multiple different things going at once. We have our green beans. That are on a great, great, simmer right here. We have our mashed potatoes holding warm. Your cranberry sauce is just perking away. You've got your cider, which is ready to for you to go straight to the table for you and your guests to enjoy. Number four, holding things warm till you're ready to serve is incredibly important. Thermador has equipped this stove with a warming drawer that allows you to hold things at a perfect temperature for serving, such as your biscuits, that you can pop open and serve your guests immediately. Finally the clean up. Never the most fun part, but the Thermador Star-Sapphire dishwasher makes it easy for you. You can run a full cycle quickly. It's super-quiet, your guests will never even know the clean up's begun. You follow these five tips, you'll be entertaining effortlessly. Happy holidays. [MUSIC]
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