Homemade Soft Pretzels

Recipe: Homemade Soft Pretzels

These perfectly chewy soft pretzels are great for dipping into pimiento cheese, honey mustard, or buttermilk ranch, especially when you're hosting friends on game day. Join Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin as he pulls together this savory snack and demonstrates the technique for twisting the dough.


[MUSIC] Snacks are important. I love keeping them around the house. One of my favorite snacks is a pretzel. I love to make classic homemade soft pretzels. Now, first step in that is getting our pot of water on to boil for the pretzels. Now, we take our pretzel dough. And I'm going to turn it out onto a lightly greased surface. Roll it out to about 12 inches by about eight inches. To about three-quarters of an inch thickness. Now, take a pizza cutter and cut this just like so. Nice long, strips. So we have plenty of dough to work with. Now, we've got our dough strips here. I'm going to cut these in half, just like that. Now you've got super manageable Piece of pretzel dough. A nice u. As I fold it, I'm gonna kinda stretch to really get those pretzel like openings in the dough. So we twisted our pretzel dough. We've got it in the beautiful shapes that we want. Now, it's time to parboil them or to poach them if you will. Now we're gonna to whisk in some baking soda. All right, whisking that in 'til it's dissolved, it takes about 30 seconds, if that. [SOUND] Now, I'm gonna take my pretzels, get in badges, just a few at a time. Then, we wanna kinda move these around in there, a little bit. Don't want to agitate it too much or mash them down. We want to let this water do its thing. I'm just gonna flip them over. Let that underside poach in that water and set up. Now you wanna drain this, just slightly right on to the rack. So pretzels are poached. We're going to take a tablespoon of water and we're just gonna beat that in with a whole egg. Now, take my brush, covering the surface completely. Getting around the sides so that we get a good even golden brown coat. I love salt, I'm gonna go not super heavy but just for my taste, which is gonna be about what your seeing here. I want to get around edges and sides there, really get it nice and covered. So these are ready to go to the oven where they're gonna bake at 450 for about seven to ten minutes, till they get nice and evenly browned. We're gonna rotate those once throughout the cooking process. All right. Pretzels are perfectly done. Beautiful golden brown. I made this Creole Honey mustard sauce that is ideal for dipping these in. I'll put these on the plate here. And you have a delicious homemade snack Beautiful, soft pretzels. [MUSIC]
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