How To Make Croissant French Toast

Recipe: Croissant French Toast with Fresh Strawberry Syrup

Some say that there are two types of people in the South: pancake people, and French Toast people. Well, this recipe will turn even the staunchest flap-jack fiend towards French Toast. And while we love a good breakfast casserole, this delectable pan-fried French Toast recipe is made with buttery croissants, allowing the bread to soak in more of the egg and cinnamon mixture. Join Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin as he makes this quick breakfast recipe, topped with fresh strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. It's fancy enough for Christmas Brunch, but once you taste it, you'll want it more than once a year.


Breakfast is one of my favourite meals. We love it in my house. One of our favourite things to make is french toast. Now with french toast, I love to use a day old croissant. So we're gonna make some croissant french toast today. First thing we wanna do is, add a little milk, a couple of eggs, and some vanilla. We'll whisk that together [SOUND] Just till they're incorporated. I wanna get these in here. You really wanna press that down. Get it nice and coated. All right, I'm gonna wash up. Now, our french toast is in this egg wash bath, which is again, key to getting that perfect caramelization, on your bread, on the croissants in this case. And I've got the pan on the stove here getting nice and warm. I'm gonna take some butter, a couple tablespoons. And my butter is melted. I got my croissants here. I want to lay them cut side down first. That's exactly what you wanna hear, that sizzle. You want this to cook over a medium-high heat so this really gets some nice crust on there. You wanna kinda turn them in the pan before you flip, making sure that you have a nice even brownness on here. Ideally about two to three minutes on each side. Three minutes is perfect. You can see that these great carmelization going there. The underside now is gonna get nice and crispy as well. So my croissant french toast is ready to go to the plate. It looks amazing. I'm going to turn one so you can see that beautiful underside. I have this amazing strawberry syrup here that we're going to just pour over the top. Have some sweetened whipped cream. We're really going all in on this. Now we take this and just let it, sort of rain down on that. And here we have a simple, fast, croissant french toast with strawberry syrup. [MUSIC]
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