Behind-the-Scenes with Billy Reid

Luxury fabrications and bold color are on the lineup this spring! We went behind-the-scenes at New York Fashion Week to get the scoop on Billy Reid's style forecast straight from the Alabama designer.


-Hi, I'm Stephanie Granada, Style Editor at Southern Living Magazine. So, we are at New York Fashion Week covering the shows for the very first time. And tonight were gonna see one of my favorite designers, Billy Reid, from Florence, Alabama. But before we go to his show, let's go check out what the designer has to say about his Fall Collection. -This season we've been developing the fabric sort of men's and women's at the same time. And also, we're developing blankets and that sort have inspired us to create blankets textiles that we've used for clothing. You know, try to lighten the weights up and taking some the same techniques. And then that created like a just a our world of texture. -Do you have a favorite piece from this collection? -I really enjoy the coats and the blankets. You know, just because that sort of my starting point and we'd not really made blankets before in that gone through that process. So, that was something sort of special. -The coats, the crewneck sweaters, there's just a lot of prints and fabrics that are dynamite. I'm happy to be here in this is the most special show I've ever been seen come together for him. -Billy's custom tailoring has been really incredible. And this has been really well-received. And there, I mean, they're-- they're members of the community and-- and they're-they're advances in new stores, in new projects are-- are supported like the members of the community. They've been really excited so it's good. -Are there any kind of new trends or focuses for fall 2014? -We put a heavy focus on luxury fabrications. You know, somewhere our customers in-- inspires us to and leads us. We-- we see them buying them, the pieces. And we really like to work on it. It lets us be a little bolder sometimes with color and shade and all this. -One of our [unk] callers wants to know how you feel like-- being from the south did influence your brand from-- from the [unk]? -You know I think it comes back to I think where-- where you're raised and-- and how you grow up all of that. And you know, and how-- where you travel. All your experiences in your life can help it influence the creative part of wha-- what you're doing, you know. And then being able to kind of split times between New York and Alabama. It just, it's, you know, I just I feel at peace there in some ways. So, it's kinda easy to--to create in that environment for me.
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