Sautéed Green Beans with Bacon

Recipe: Sautéed Green Beans with Bacon

This yummy side dish recipe is perfect for weeknights, because the green beans cook quickly in the microwave. The dish bursts with flavor when sauteed with crispy bacon and green onions. Join Southern Living Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin as he demonstrates how easy it is to pull together this classic side.


My favorite things to do with green beans is to quickly steam them, which we've done here. A little bit of water, covered in plastic wrap, and we microwave for a few minutes. Once we do that, it's very important that we stop that cooking process in a very classic blanching and shocking procedure. We're gonna get just enough water to submerge our green beans, [MUSIC] And you very carefully take them out of this steam bath that they're in, plunge them in the ice bath here and keep them from overcooking. You want your green beans to be just tender enough to where they have a little snap to them. So our next step is to start rendering down our bacon. So I'm going to add some bacon to the pan. What you're looking for is this to slowly to begin to happen. For this bacon to start getting crispy, to start sort of rendering out all of this fat. I thinly slice my green onions. I'm going to kind of stir my bacon. Ever so often, yes we gonna take probably anywhere from you 10 to 12 minutes and we carefully spoon this out. What I'm gonna do now is reserve about two tablespoons or so of the fat and now am gonna add my green onion. I'm gonna salty this down and here that nice same sizzle, yeah, that we heard when we added our bacon, let this go just a couple of minutes, now I'm gonna add my green beans. There we just steam, and so they're perfectly par cooked, still crispy, All we're doing now, we're just gonna toss them around in this green onions, and in the bacon fat, stir them around a bit, and we season these with just a pinch of black pepper, freshly ground coarse, and a little pinch of salt. I'm gonna sprinkle in my bacon. And as simple as that, a little toss to mix all that together, you have sauteed green beans and crispy bacon. [MUSIC]
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