And here we have our feta and green olive and fresh herb cheese ball. We made our cheese ball mixture ahead with some cream cheese, chopped fresh green olives, a little butter for richness, some lemon zest perfectly seasoned and it's been in our Thermador refrigerator which is ideal for an appetizer like this Because it has a built in moisture control. So the cheese ball is perfect for rolling in these amazing, beautiful emerald green herbs now. I'm just gonna roll this around. Make sure they really get nice and coated. Perfect. And here we are ready to go with our first appetizer. On to the next one. For our next appetizer, I've made these lovely fig tassies. They have a crispy cornmeal crust, a really delicious rich red wine and figs that have been sauteed down. And we've topped it with a little whipped goat cheese. Now the final addition to this appetizer is gonna be crispy bacon, which we have very slowly rendering down on the stove top. Now the key to crispy bacon is a perfectly even heat in the skillet, which the [UNKNOWN] star burner ideally provides that. So I'm gonna sprinkle a little chopped bacon right on top of the whipped goat cheese and we're gonna top these with a little fresh thyme. That fresh thyme is gonna give a nice little herb pop, great color Your guests are gonna really love these. [SOUND] This next appetizer is one of my favorites. I made a savory sweet potato biscuit that I split in half. I've got it crisping up in the oven. It smells really great. I'm gonna pull that out. We're gonna top it with some roasted pork, this beautiful cabbage and carrot slaw and finish with a little fresh chive. The key to successful baking is having an oven that is really gonna do a good job for you. The Thermador is perfect for that. It provides the stable, even heat. Surrounds whatever you're baking. Biscuits, a pie or even roasting a turkey in gonna allow for immediate cook times super crispness. Whatever your baking is gonna come out just perfectly. This is one of my favorite things. I'm gonna go ahead and try one now. It's perfect. Everything you wanted a holiday appetizer Great textures, great flavors. Happy holidays. [MUSIC]
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